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Ms. Henry is now scheduling in-services and workshops worldwide. These can be a portion of a comprehensive education or special education program. They are extremely beneficial when conducted stand-alone, with all community participants (administrators, teachers, counselors, local or staff therapists, physicians, and parents) attending. Ms. Henry enjoys speaking to large groups. Please see the ATEACHABOUT workshop schedule for upcoming events in your area, or for contact information for scheduling your own.

The Sensory Integration (SI) Tool Kit™ workshop can be your first answer to complaints or resistance to inclusion. Different students do indeed have varied needs. Yet for some students, their challenging behaviors can stem from simple needs for sensory integration and strategies to enhance sensory processing.

Tools for Teachers™ video/dvd provides an overview of some of the most common classroom problems. It provides a beneficial overview of 'Tools' to deal with those problems with a win-win-win for administration, teachers, parents, and students alike.

Tools for Teachers™ video/dvd shows how you can benefit from the most recent advances in brain research! There are increasing numbers of students with special needs whose sensory needs bring classroom disruptions - hindering the presentation of necessary curriculum. Students with these needs unmet may not only have their own learning hindered, but also may make the entire teaching job harder, as they try to find their own coping methods. Yet, with simple, fun, activities that are beneficial to the entire class, many of these students become citizens of merit - adding their own best sides to the class, instead of enduring seemingly constant disciplinary actions.

Tools for Teachers™ video/dvd in a less than 20 minute presentation, illustrates both the problems AND typical solutions. It gives an explanatory introduction, then goes on to give illustrations. Your staff and parents can see:

  • Teachers' hesitancy to include OT, calmed as they see that it works!
  • Students who now can understand why they are touchy or easily distracted.
  • These needs are not at all uncommon, and that many, if not most, adults have common coping skills that are paralleled by OT strategies.
  • WHY some children are disruptive in class.
  • Hand games that develop dexterity for commonly needed tasks, like the pencil walk, and how simple grips can make an enormous difference in penmanship.
  • The crucial importance of activities, which have long been thought of as "just for fun", as well as rules that have routinely placed janitorial convenience above educational necessities.

Tools for Students™ video/dvd gets specific. Designed for in-class use, and as a demonstration for working groups for teachers' in-service program or other continuing education needs, a full 26 exercises are each presented clearly in a couple of minutes.

Tool Chest: for Teachers, Parents & Students™ handbook is the perfect companion for the videos/dvds. Volume discounts are available. This handbook is quite usable in work and planning sessions, plus provides a hardcopy for staff and parents.

Special for Districts and other Groups

Administrators and group leaders are finding that multiple copies of the videos/dvds are greatly beneficial. (E.g. one copy of the TOOLKIT™ for the administration, one Tools for Teachers™ video/dvd per building, and up to one-per-classroom, or one-per-roaming television of the Tools for Students™ video/dvd). Also, at least one copy of the Tool Chest™ handbook per teacher, helper, and advisor is a practical minimum. Email rick@henryot.com for information regarding volume discounts of our materials.

If you would like to receive additional information on our products and workshops, or would like to be contacted, please fill out our on-line information request form.

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